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Yuto Yoshida / clarinetist

Born in Kyoto, Yuto Yoshida started learning the piano when he was three. Then, out of admiration for his elder brother Koshiro, He started learning clarinet when he was 12. Yoshida graduated from Kyoto Municipal Music Senior High School (currently Kyoto Municipal Horikawa Music Senior High School). He received a special scholarship from Toho Gakuen Music Division and graduated from Toho Gakuen University. After graduating from the university’s graduate school, he traveled to Switzerland, where he completed the Master’s Program at the Conservatoire de la Conservatoire Geneva, and later served as a clarinetist at Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra until 2017. He is a part-time lecturer at Nara University of Education and Kyoto City University of Arts. Yoshida won the 9th KOBE International Student Music Competition Excellence Award in 2004, received the 18th Kyoto Art Festival Encouragement Award, and won the 8th All Japan High School Student Wind Percussion Solo Contest National Award. In 2008, he performed with Miyata Dai and Nishio Mami at the Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Music Festival in 2008. In 2009, he performed in the clarinet section of the new Yamaha wind instrument concert, and at the Kyoto France Academy of Music 20th Anniversary Concert in 2010. In 2012, he performed Mozart’s clarinet concerto as a soloist at the 26th Kyoto Art Festival and received the Mainichi Newspaper Award. He played a Mozart clarinet quintet at Kioi Hall in Tokyo. The performance was aired on the TBS radio site “Rajikon” and over the Internet radio “OTTAVA”. He held a recital at the 27th Kyoto Art Festival and received the Kyoto Governor’s Award. In 2015, he released the CD “Music for a Force -Trio for Clarinet, Trumpet and Piano”. From 2015 to 2017, he lectured at Doshisha University as an invited lecturer. In 2016, he received the Aoyama Music Award (the Barocksaal Award). In 2017, he appeared on NHK Osaka’s NHK-FM “Record Recital Nova”. In 2018, he appeared as a guest artist at the 35th Japan Clarinet Festival in Yamaguchi. He has also performed at numerous music festivals and concerts in Japan and abroad, including the Swiss Romance Orchestra, the Mito Chamber Orchestra, the NHK Symphony Orchestra, the Geneva Music Festival, the Affinis Summer Music Festival, and the Miyazaki International Music Festival. To date, he has been a guest performer at numerous professional orchestras, including the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Century Symphony Orchestra, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Hyogo Performing Arts Center Orchestra, Kyoto Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, and the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra. In addition to performing as a member and a member of the Wind Quintet Sonorite, he has been active in various fields, including being a competition judge. Yoshida studied the clarinet with Masatomi Kaikawa, late John McCaw, late Thea King, Yoshiaki Suzuki, Seiki Shinohe, Romain Guyot, Michel Westphal, Benoît Willmann, and Antoine Marguier. He is a member of the Japan Clarinet Association and Musica A International Music Association. Official site : yutoyoshida.com